Thursday, May 27, 2010

High Cost High-Tech Science Still Not on the Battlefield

"Insurgents can exchange old artillery shells and egg timers for $800,000 robots all day long." 

Pretty much says it all, doesn't it?  The $400 Billion Future Combat System is still not shaping the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan is it?  And iRobots robbies on the front lines?  Classified I guess.  After 4 years and millions in funds, the 3 Foster-Miller robbies  turned their guns on their trainors (Don't argue with me:  Argue with Popular Science and

I'll make my bi-annual challenge to DARPA to accept my challenge for their map-reading robbies.  It is:

(1)  Give me one Model 1903 Springfield mounted with a 6X scope and 26 rounds of ammunition (assuming 25 robbies start out).
(2)  Give me $250 to buy legal and non-explosive equipment from any hardware store.
(3)  I'll donate $250 of my money for the same purpose.

Let me represent an amateur opponent to the robbies.  Count up how many cross the finish line, how many break down on their own, and how many are stopped by impediments.  This experiment would be the least likely to succeed because I am a civilian, and only one determined opponent. 

Again, I am sending a challenge to DARPA to accept my offer (

For your reading plesure look over the link below on the applications of dowsing rod LOW-technology from the Journal of Borderlands Research.  From my perspective, there is a hell of a lot more potential countering low-technology weapons with low-technology solutions.

Here's the link to the URL published on Journal of Borderlands Research that summarizes my fourteen YouTube videos and two papers:

DARPA and DoD are also welcome to test the technique described in the paper themselves.   As those who are familiar with me eady know, I am not saying do away with hi-tech research.  I am saying it is high time we begin, however late, to research the low-cost low-technology methods, so effective in Iraq and Afghanistan, and make that technology work to save our soldiers lives.

Taffy B.

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