Friday, June 25, 2010

James Randi's $Million Dollar Challenge Comments

The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) has commented on my scientific investigations of what dowsing rods can and cannot do.  It is obvious from these and other writers, that the only solution is to take Randi's "$Million Dollar Challenge."  While the phrase sounds concrete and well established, it is not.  Read the following link of an individual who did try to take the challenge, but who had enough brains and determination not to accept the conditions:

My rules are simple, conclusive, and immediate.  My "$million challege" is much more direct:

One test,
Performed One time,
for One $million dollars cash or certified cashier's check, made out to me.
But held by One neutral party,
One neutral referee to determine if the test passes or fails, and pass the check or cash to the winner.

As Mr. Randi has proclaimed for years, he is in no danger of losing the money (remember, cash or cashier's check only).and he is equally certain that my testing will prove yet another failure.  As such, he can put his money back in the bank when the referee declares me the loser (as he says).

No bank notes, no promisary notes, stocks, options, etc. 

Cash on the barrelhead. 


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